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In todayís fast paced life, there are some vital aspects about human beings, which a common mortalís intellect fails to understand. At that time, we seek the path of astrology. Dealing with various reality issues, we at Saroja Raman Astrologer offer a broad gamut of consultancy services relating to astrology, graphology, palmistry, numerology, gemology, feng shui, and vasthu shastra.

Conceptualised in Chennai by Mrs. Saroja Raman, we offer an array of...read more

Bach Flower Remedies

The name England Flower Medicines that is otherwise known as Bach Remedies is attributed to the effects of thirty-seven wild flowers, available in abundance in their natural habitat in England forests only. These flower medicinees were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in 1916 - ...read more

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Mrs.Saroja Ramann, M.A., ACS

No. 28, North Mada Street, Sri Nagar Colony, Saidapet, Chennai - 600 015.

Phone : 22350462
Mobile : 0 9840357109

Email :sarojatheastro@yahoo.com

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